Medical coverage doesn't have to be painful.

There are no shortage of details to take care of when running a school. Managing coverage for you and your students doesn’t have to be one of them.

Let Edusure handle it for you.

Trust the Experts

Being in the insurance business for 30+ years has helped us become experts at what we do.
Edusure understands the details of the laws and regulations, state by state. We're specialists in both domestic and international applications.

We stay on top of the law so you don't have to.

Dedicated to You

Edusure is 100% focused on student coverage.
Unlike other services, we have no competing priorities. We work on the same calendar you do, ensuring the process of getting coverage is fast and pain-free.

We're dedicated to you and your students.

Custom Built

Schools using Edusure are in control.
Custom branding and domains ensure your students focus on you, not a 3rd party service.

And our coverage costs less than typical insurance plans. This puts Edusure ahead of any other marketplace out there for students!